We only accept the love
that we think we deserve

Drinking wine by yourself is kinda sad….I guess I’m sad.

Jamaica pond
Cotton candy

For whom the flowers bloom

Hanni baby you so fine

Please….I need johnlock fics….now. like I’m dying. Some compassionate soul out there send me the smuttiest most angsty fics out there. Pleeaaasssssee??

I will take anything!!!

I love dead flowers


i feel like destroying the world and killing myself in the process


Didnt find something more accurate than this.
Should come with a warning label
"I’m not an object. I’m a human being. I need to be loved and cherished. Not used and disposed off. Who gave you the right to treat me like I’m not even human. Not allowed to think and express my opinion. You don’t have power over me. I am my own person, and its you who is wrong, and its you who will regret. Because there will never be someone as forgiving, and willing to go throught the same shit that I went through for you."